A picnic table should be both comfortable and practical, whether it adorns a patch of green, a business park or any other public space. Yet looks matter as well: above all, an outdoor table has to be inviting. People should want take a seat and have lunch there, or just sit comfortably together. The Lyon picnic table is suitable for all purposes. It connects a table top and two seats, all of which is reinforced with metal profiles for extra strength. Contrary to most picnic tables, the design of the Lyon allows for easy entry. The picnic table is available with or without back. 

  • Andes Green
  • Quartz Brown
  • Ural Black
  • Sand Beige
  • Mineral Grey



Lyon with backs : length 180 cm X width 220 cm X table height 88 cm (230 kg)
Lyon without backs : length 180 cm X width 180 cm X table height 72 cm (180 kg)
Anchorage on hard surface.