If you are looking for sturdy and durable plastic beams and edging, look no more! Govaplast offers you the right material in several fields e.g. as supporting beams to store heavy volumes or AC units on flat roofs. But also as edging material in the garden or for  more complex applications in industry, agriculture and public works.

Our  posts and palissades are sturdy and durable, and perfectly suited for every kind of project.

Our mass coloured posts and edging solutions come with numerous advantages:

  • They contain no wood, so they do not absorb moisture. This makes them extremely suitable for wetland environments.
  • They are rot-proof and therefore require no maintenance.
  • They are available in various sizes and multi-applicable.
  • They are easy to install and handle.

Are you looking for edging, palisades or square/round posts? Discover Govaplast’s edging solutions and have your pick!

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