The Govaplast Home+ range

Have you always dreamt of having a garden that is beautiful and safe, yet requires little maintenance? To help you fully enjoy your garden, Govaplast developed special solutions for maintenance-free terraces and garden fences. Both our Govadeck decking boards and Govawall garden fences are made of recycled plastic that neither rots nor splinters and requires no maintenance. Fun to know: our boards and fences are all environmentally friendly.

Govaplast also made sure your decking boards will look beautiful and sophisticated. Our Govadeck decking boards are available in six natural colours, including a soft sandy colour and classic black.  You can choose which side will show on top, the side with grooves or the side without. Last but not least, we designed are your garden fences with special care to ensure they will be compatible with the overall style of your garden as well as your home.

We are pleased to take part in this cycle, with durable and recyclable products as a result.
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