Our story, your future

We started our production in 1995 from scratch with no experience at all in the recycling sector. But we learned fast and expanded fast from a single production unit in to an extended machinery park. We could easily say that innovative ideas and a lot of guts brought us where we are standing now, being the market leader in the production of sustainable products in recycled plastic.



Govaerts Recycling always aims to be at the forefront of innovation when it comes to product development , design and manufacturing processes. We are constantly looking to meet our customer’s needs and to adapt our products to the latest requirements.


Our products have been tested by independent specialists, with good results, emphasizing the importance to supply top quality. This is translated into a 10 year guarantee on the material.

An everlasting vision

Cradle to cradle

The protection of the environment has always been our focal point. Govaplast wishes to play an active role in the entire recycling process, thus contributing to the protection of our eco system.

Our production process is a perfect example of the cradle-to-cradle philosophy: we use recycled material and our end products are 100% recyclable again. We use ‘green’ power and re-use our cooling-water, reducing our ecological footprint.

A sophisticated production process and the use of high-grade raw materials enables us to produce and supply high-quality products. The raw material consists of 100% plastic recycled material (PE and PP).

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We use 100% green energy!


For Govaplast Technic we use

wood from sustainably managed forests.

recycled plastics made in belgium


100% made in Belgium





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“sustainable enterprise charter 2015”

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We are a member of “Plastic Recyclers Europe”