Simple park furniture doesn’t get more elegant than this. The London collection features an outdoor table and a bench with or without back. You can arrange your furniture any way you like: as a picnic table, as separate benches or around a tree, to name just these options. Both the table and the benches are made from recycled plastic and measure 180 centimeters



Bench without back LONDON ZL: length 180 cm X width 38 cm X height 44 cm

Bench with back LONDON ML/LONDON 360ML: length 360 or 180 cm X width 55 cm X height 77 cm , seat height 44 cm

Bench LONDON 4ML: 4 benches back to back forming a square of 180 x 180 cm.

Table LONDON T: length 180 cm X width 64 cm X height 74 cm

Anchorage on hard surface.