Govaplast’s solid stable sheets are ideally suited for (temporary) industrial or agricultural applications, such as horse stables and other stable structures. They are high quality, UV-resistant, slightly stiff and can be welded. Our stable sheets are available in two colours.

Have your pick from our three collections:

  • Govaplast Sheets Standard is a mix of LDPE and HDPE thermoplasts.
  • Govaplast Sheets Standard Plus is stiffer than Govaplast Sheets Standard en has a lower extension coefficient.
  • Govaplast Sheets HDPE is made purely of HDPE regranulate and is the most sturdy. HGPE sheets can be welded.

  • Andes Green
  • Ural Black


1500 x 3000 mm, some 1220 x 2440 mm

Thickness : from 4 to 18 mm

The most common sheets are on stock, other dimensions and qualities are on demand.

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