Mobile sandpit made of recycled plastics and brightly coloured parts made of virgin PE sheet. GP36b3 : always without parasol holder, flowers excluded GP36b4 : optional parasol holder, flowers excluded GP36b5 : optional parasol holder, flowers excluded TÜV certified



GP36b3 : 92 x 123 x H45cm, +/- 99 kg

GP36b4 : 92 x 127 x H60cm, +/- 117 kg

GP36b5 : 92 x 127 x H75cm, +/- 133 kg


It can be installed on a stable and solid surface. The sandpit can easily be moved with a standard pallet-truck enabling a flexible installation on the playground. (see manual)

As the fall height is less than 60 cm, a shock absorbing safety surface is not obligatory.

The sandpit is supplied fully assembled together with wire netting, elastic rope and fixing parts.

Parasol holder and spare netting are optional.